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The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for decades and has influenced modern media in a variety of ways, and Dragon Ball X is the continuation of this legacy. Starring Gohan, Shaggy, Carl the Farmer and many more, the gang take on the toughest and most evil foes throughout the multiverse! With El Grande Padre dead, only Gohan and his remaining members within the alliance can maintain a balance within the multiverse, and have dedicated their lives to its protection. Many of the greatest Saiyans have fallen throughout time and space, and it will take all of Gohan's strength to keep himself from this fate. This a wiki based on the series Dragon Ball X, created by Joe Capo. Currently, Joe Capo deleted all of his videos in order to become obscure again, but all of the DBX episodes are reuploaded on the channel Arioch Capi 'The End' Joseph Caiaphas (if you want to see it)

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